Picture of ธนเทพ เกิดแสง
by ธนเทพ เกิดแสง - Friday, 9 December 2005, 01:18 PM

#( My private data )#

Hello, my teacher and my friends everyone. Tanathep Kerdsang is my name or TK.

My birthday is 21 August 1984 At present, I am 21 years old. I dvell at

234 Prajaowtanjai Road
, Mu 16Soi Thongkum Tumbol Weangnuah, Amper Maung Jangwat Lampang. My telephone number is 04-0428621. I have 1 young brother . His name is Jessada Kerdsang. He 19 years old.

I come from Lampang Tecniccal college.

At present, I study at Rajjabhat University Lampang. Business computer year 2 student code 47124070314 Group 3. I feel enjoy with learn in Rajjabhat University Lampang and i admire everyone teacher .

Free time, I will sleep , watch a Cable Television, talk with my friends. But majority i will listen a song at my home. Because voice of song . Do i happy .

Thing i like , listen a song i admire, converse with people, smile from everyone and travel go with her. I think have a happy enough for me.

Thing i don't like, who lies, and whom confused in the mind , it difficult to keep and difficult disclose out. But, I attempt say with oneself .

"I never mind with that."

The final, I want tell with everyone Happy is not eternal

Happy with thing you do it, that time you meet with. And you will forever happy.

(_.....I Love you everyone na ja.._)