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การบ้าน 236 (Do and Dont
by สมฤดี สิงขรบรรจง - Sunday, 29 April 2007, 04:20 PM

Dos and Donts

1.Do remember that honesty is the best policy. Providing details about your good job and family ties in Korea demonstrates to us that you qualify for a visa to visit the United States.

2.Do learn more about the visa application process at www.asktheconsul.org. Make a visa interview appointment by visiting www.us-visaservices.com or calling 003-08-131-420. Do you have more questions about visa processing? Please contact us at seoulniv@state.gov.

3.Do use the Electronic Visa Application Form (EVAF) which is on the Embassy website.

4.Do complete your forms fully and accurately, sign them where necessary and bring them with you to the interview. Remember, none is not a destination, purpose of travel, arrival date, or length of stay in the United States. Bringing all the required documents will help ensure you get your visa promptly.

5.Do review your application form for accuracy, especially if someone else prepared it for you. The preparer must provide his/her contact information on the application form (blocks 39 and 40).

6.Do not rely exclusively on friends, travel agents and visa brokers for information about how to get a visa. They do not issue visas; consular officers do. (The latest information on visa processing is at www.asktheconsul.org.)

7.Do explain your travel plans and tell us about yourself at the interview. Tell the consular officer why you will return to Korea after a short stay in the U.S.

8.Dont plan to use your visa for a purpose other than its intended purpose. Students need student visas. Tourists need tourism visas. Business people need business visas. Professional performers need performer visas. Do not assume that a tourism visa can be used for other activities in the U.S.

9.Do not arrive at the Embassy more than thirty minutes before your scheduled appointment.

10.Do remember that cooperating with Embassy staff and the interviewing officer will make visa your visa processing faster and more pleasant.