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Located approximately 862 kilometers south of Bangkok is Phuket, Thailand's
largest island, which is often dubbed as the pearl of the Andaman, or the
pearl of the south. Its natural resources- rocky peninsular, limestone
cliffs, white powdery beaches, tranquil broad bays and tropical in-land
forests contribute to making it the South's wealthiest, busiest, most
visited and most popular island and province.
Phuket has a lot more to offer its visitors other than its natural heritage
sea, sand, sky, beach, forest, and world renowned diving sites.
Sino-Portuguese architecture casts its spell delighting travelers to the
city, while Phuket-style hospitality has never failed to impress visitors
from all walks of life. In addition, accommodations ranging from
world-class resorts to tropical-style bungalows have warmly catered to the
different needs of travelers. For seafood lovers, there is a lot more to
sample than just Phuket's famous lobster. Altogether, these characteristics
have made

1. What do you like about phuket?

= Almost everything

2. How long do you stay there ?

= About five day.

3. What do you want to do after this trip?

= I will to go to chaing mai

4.What thai foods do you want to eat?

= Tom yum kung.

5. Do you enjoy this trip?

= Yes I do.