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Do and Don't
by กัญญาพัชร จ๊ะถา - Saturday, 28 April 2007, 05:31 PM

Do and dots

1. Before you take a photo of someone ask if is oK.

2. Please do not distribute gifts to children as it encourages begging,but give to an established organization or village elders instead

3. Try eating delicious Lao food whenever you can it heps local business and Lao farmers.

4. Please show respect and dress neatly while in temples and when taking photos.

5. There are many other sacred items and sites in Laos. Pleas dont touch or enter these places without permission.

6. Monk are reverd and respected in Laos, however women should not touch a monks robes.

7. Pleas help to keep Laos clean and beautiful by not leaving litter. picking up rubbish sets a good example for Lao youth.

8. The illegal sale of wildlife and wildlife products endangers many species native to Laos. Help protect Lao wilddift by refusing to buy wildlife products.

9. Please help prevent of forest fires.

10.The use of drugs is illegal in laos.

The consequences may be severe for you and Lao