Picture of วัฒนภัทร กาญจนลาภ
การบ้าน 129 (T.I.M.)
by วัฒนภัทร กาญจนลาภ - Wednesday, 4 April 2007, 03:50 PM

- I woke up and took a showerat 07.30 A.M.

(It is seven-thirty)

(It is half past seven)

- I got dressed and ate breakfast at 08.30 A.M.

(It is eight-thirty)

(It is half past eight)

- I went to study at University at 09.00 A.M.

(It is nine o'clock)

- I have lunch at 12.40 P.M.

(It is twelve-forty)

(It is twenty to one)

- I played game Audition online at 02.00 P.M.

(It is two o'clock)

- I got to home at 05.15 P.M.

(It is five-fifteen)

(It is quater after five)

- I had dinner at 07.30 P.M.

(It is seven-thirty)

(It is half past seven)

- I took a shower at 08.45 P.M.

(It is eight-forty five)

(It is quarter to nine)

- I watched television at 10.00 P.M.

(It is ten o'clock)

- I slept to bed at 11.45 P.M.

(It is eleven-forty five)

(It is quarter to twelve)